Ceasing 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

"Life's what you make it"
Often we misunderstood this phrase with "living life to the fullest" I say, deeply. There's a bunch of things I learned this 2016 but in this blog I am going to squeeze it in 5.


I am really good at making one. It's like when I don't do things at a certain point when I see/think of it I would always feel like I am going to regret it for the rest of my life although at the back of my mind I know I wouldn't.


I sincerely apologize for all the lost dreams of mine this year. I lost track of what I truly need and settled for just the "wants"

3. STRIVE HARDEST Our parents would always tell us to strive harder everyday but I would like to correct my mom especially that this 2017, your daughter won't strive harder but hardest! I swear Whatever failure that happened this last year won't make any slap on me this 2017.

Aside from being impulsive, I can also be manipulative at times, OC on the other hand, and an over thinker? ALWAYS! These are few of the things I discovered about myself this 2016; bad habits yes. When on this habits strikes the hell out of me I honestly just can't set boundaries to what I would do. Bottom line, back to number one, I always end up making impulsive decisions.

5. SELF LOVE I guess this is self explanatory already. But don't get me wrong, I don't mean I didn't love myself LOL. What I mean is have an overflowing amount of self love for yourself so you can give and radiate it also to others. There's is nothing more powerful than self love I believe.

2016 might not be my favorite year so far but sure it did gave me lessons to ponder for 2017. I won't say it would be a "new year, new life" or "new year, new me" shizzles. Instead I will claim it that 2017 would be a new year for fresh opportunities for me.
God bless you!

Photographer : Vhince Benedict Ligones Chiu

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