Friday, December 30, 2016

Hey everyone! I knooooow, it has been a very loooooooooooong time since my last post.
Anyway this post is not the typical fashion blog that you usually expect from my site. Rather, this one's a bit deep and personal.

In a society that profits from your self doubt, 
liking yourself is a rebellious act. 

This past few months was a battle for me. I have to fight against stress, pressures, meet expectations, and deal with "unproclaimed" type of people. 'Twas hard I tell you. Really hard. I was just fighting all the time that little did I know that I wasn't protecting what has to be protected all along, MYSELF. 
I broke down. Nobody knew expect me and God. I kept my poise up as meet friends and workmates and families everyday so they wouldn't be annoyed of me if I let them see what I was dealing. There were even nights were I doubted my decisions in life.

They say some questions need not to be answered. And if ever answers would come, they arrive when you least expect them. God answers every questions just like how He answer our prayers.
With the support of my friends, my partner, and my Family, I was healing. Healing with grace.

I am glad I went through that trial in life. I am thankful for all the tears I shed that cleansed my mind from what should and shouldn't be done. I am thankful for all the doubts I experienced for it helped me develop a skill to weigh and understand clearly things when they seem impossible. And lastly I am thankful for the people/person who fought that battle with me. I thought I couldn't get through that battle field yet here I am still living the purpose, but now with a braver mind and a more calm heart.

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